Friday, March 18, 2011

A Baby Emerges

Rex, oh Rex. You have not been the easy baby we were hoping for. Some days it seems if you are not asleep or eating you are crying. My parents have told me many a time how I had colic and cried day in and out. Is this payback? I am still sleep deprived in a big way, but somehow getting by and making the cogs turn in our little five person home. But now that you are two months and a few days, you are giving me some sweetness to remind me you really are a little person who I am so excited to get to know. How 'bout these little grins to erase the fog of the 12, 2, and 6am feedings? (not to mention two nights ago when you woke EVERY TWO HOURS!)

By the way, despite my complaining, moms don't hold grudges. I love you little baby.


Annie said...

But that little grin just makes it all worth it!

Alayne said...

Judging from his pictures I don't believe that he cries one bit ;-) He has such a sweet smile!!!

Karisa said...

He looks so sweet! Can't wait to watch him grow!

S+S said...

no fun with the colic, but he's so cute!