Friday, March 18, 2011

The One Year Anniversary of Jenna's Discovery of Chocolate

We are pretty lucky that each year on St Patrick's Day (and sometimes one day later when certain parents spend all day at Disneyland on March 16th), Lucky the Leprechaun visits our home. If you are avid Mullen blog follower, you've seen the posts.
To make life even more exciting, this year we set a trap for the little guy. We didn't catch him, though his glove was left behind in his frantic attempt to escape, and thankfully he didn't hold a grudge against us and even left the customary gold stash, green milk and Lucky Charms.

And so this morning while the world was thinking St. Patty's was so yesterday, we ate our Lucky Charms and relished in the joy that comes by tricking, I mean creating magic, for our children.

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