Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few days ago Marielle wanted to do a craft. She sketched her vision on paper at 7:30am, but I kept delaying the project for boring mom things like dishes, diaper changes, showers, and lunch. At 1:00 we finally got to business. We pulled out the craft foam, scissors, and glue to make the much anticipated witch/warlock wedding. Right smack in the middle of glue time we got a knock at the door and Noah burst through for our pre-arranged playdate.  She looked at me with panic, and I reassured her, "You can finish your craft as soon as you get home."

A few hours later I went to pick her up. As she was putting on her shoes she said, "Mom when we get home can we finish our witchcraft?" I said the only thing you can when your child alludes to homespun sorcery while in someone else's living room, "Of course Marielle, as soon as we get home." (And then I cackled wildly.)


Kimi said...

That's cute. I know what should be next on the list of witch crafting... potions!

Katie said...

I think I just cackled too. lol!

burnettr said...

What, no recording of the cackle?