Monday, March 26, 2012

Unexpected Photo Shoot

Rex is about 14 months now and accordingly I thought I need to get his 1 year portrait done.  I may be late, but the kid has charm and he deserves a little fame.  I've come to peace knowing his picture album will never rival the breadth or depth of Marielle's baby book, and really, would he even want that many baby pictures? So this morning I dressed Rex in something snazzy, grabbed a prop, and walked outside with my trusty camera. We were just getting started when I got a text from my brother Ben who wanted to video chat so we could meet his new baby. As you'll see from the photos below, we had yet to capture Rex's awesomeness. 

We came right in and put Jenna in the bath. I wanted her occupied while we chatted and knew we could count on a tub of suds and bath toys to give us as much time as we wanted.  Rex was quite put out that he was not joining her, but of course we had our photo shoot to get back to. I got situated at the computer and then, nothing happened.  While I was distracted trying to get our computer to cooperate, Rex slipped away. Any guesses where he went?

Back outside to play with the truck? 

In his room to play with any one of the myriad of toys engineered to entertain children?

In the kitchen scattering tupperware, trying to walk while balancing the mop, or snitching goods from the trash can?

Here is where he landed, quite literally, after propelling himself in the tub.
There he is playing, like it's no big deal he is fully clothed in the bath. All I can say is these photos might say a lot more about Rex at age one than any posed picture of a baby playing with a truck on the lawn. Long live King Rex.


Annie said...

That's funny! Weston would try to do that too - he loves baths! But you better teach those kids how to swim now - 2 kids unattended in the bath tub...

Shirley said...

These will be cuter pictures than those staged or in a studio. At least you have more than one picture. I am the third child with one snapshot of me. Guess who has the most????????