Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Way

As would be expected growing up in house with two older sisters, Rex is surrounded by girl toys.  He hasn't shown any aversion to pink and usually plays just fine with whatever toy happens to be in his path.  However, we are slowly accumulating more "gender appropriate" toys and he does seem to like the trucks, the blocks, the tiny replicas of man-eating animals and so on.
The other day I was helping clean up the kids room and saw this:

I couldn't decide if it was more Jurassic Park or that lame sitcom Dinosaur.  (You remember right? Not the Momma!)

Either way,  I got a chuckle of Rex trying to find a nice backdrop for his dinosaur to play/attack.
It seems the other appropriate use of the doll house is a climbing wall.  Climb on little man, climb on.


Karisa said...

Wow! He got so blonde! The sun has made Leia's hair super blonde too. And he looks so big! That's what you get for feeding him. Cute pictures!

Katie said...

Literally SNORTED with laughter when that picture came up! Hahaha!

And that Dinosaur show! Yes!! If you'll excuse me please, I am headed straight to YouTube...

Katie said...

OK, now I've fallen down the rabbit hole. Remember



And This?


Thank you, Mullens and Dinosaurs, for sending me on this journey to the past.