Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breaking News

Rex celebrated pioneer day this year by breaking his arm.  He broke it at our stake picnic when he stood and lunged out of his stroller.  (Oh, that's what those safety buckles are for.)  We realized it was broken a few days later on July 24th to be precise, and so unknowingly continued Shula's tradition that broken arms should not be treated the same day.  Rex now has empathy for the pioneer toddlers who fell out of wagons or handcarts, but had no Dr's offices at which to gets X-rays or casts. 

Here he is sportin' his cast and looking pretty darn cute.  


I love this last one. I was coaching him to lift his arm so I could get a better pic of his cast--and he did, just the wrong arm. 


Lisa said...

Was this "accident" Rex's way of securing the starring role in a blog post? He looks much too happy (and cute!) to be in serious pain. :)

Hope the arm heals at lightening speed.

Karisa said...

Maybe it's a Mullen thing. Pat broke his ankle once and they waited the whole weekend while it lay there at an unnatural angle before taking him in. Hope he heals up quick!