Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bonnet Banter

The girls convinced me to make them matching bonnets after they saw just how hip bonnets can be at the pioneer day picnic.  Surprisingly, the bonnets came out with minimal cost and stress since I used material from the swap shop and followed a step by step tutorial on YouTube.  I made them Sunday night and the next morning at breakfast the conversation went like this:

 Ryan:  Did you girls say thank you to mommy for your new bonnets?
Girls:  THANK YOU!!
Jenna:  My bonnet not BLUE, my bonnet pink!
Ryan:  Did you know God made a blue bonnet?
Jenna:  For HIM??!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Thank heavens for the link to a blue bonnet, otherwise I would have had no idea what Ryan was talking about. I don't believe in planting things unless I can eventually eat them.

Also, that doll is really good at doing the splits. She should try out for the 2016 Women's Gymnastics team.