Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Marielle started kindergarten today.  She took a quarter for milk, an empty backpack, and lots of butterflies swirling in her tummy.  When I woke her up, I whispered, "You can rest for a few minutes while you wake up."  But almost as soon as her eyes were open she said, "Oh boy.  First day of school" and shot out of bed to take her shower.  She was bursting with excitement all morning, and as her mom, I couldn't have been more proud watching her walk into her classroom.  She is such a great kid and I'll miss her while she's gone everyday, but I know she's ready to fly.
Ryan wouldn't have missed this drop off for anything.  Isn't it great dads are like that now?

These cuties got to tag-a-long too.

Guess whose the tallest in her class???

Can't you just feel the excitement in the air?  It's like being in line for the Ariel ride at Disneyland!

Bye sweet girl!


Annie said...

Did you shed a tear when you dropped her off? I think it's harder for the parents to say "bye". She looks happy and ready to go!

30 year-old Dad said...

No, but MK did say, perhaps a smidge too loudly, "At least I'm not that shameful" about the crowd of parents peering in the class window.

Christy said...

Holy cow, she's way tall. What a milestone though!

Alayne said...

Can this be?!? I cannot believe she's so old ;-) It seems like just yesterday she crashed a Halloween party in a giraffe costume! I hope she had a great first day!!!