Friday, January 25, 2013

Computer Cuddle Time

What do you get when you cross a sick two year old and a dad working from home?

 Computer Cuddle Time!  Ryan's work may baffle the rest of us, but Rex under duress of a fever, was completely engaged.

I think Rex's sunglasses made the screen appear in 3-D. Who knows, but Rex wouldn't take them off all afternoon.  At the least, he looked good while absorbing the subtleties of chemical reactions at the sub-atomic level. 
  I'm sure Ryan's work went a lot better having this cute guy on his lap.  Two heads are better than one right?


Lisa said...

Odds are that Ryan is using the NCAA March Madness Boss Button. (Boss Button for streaming March Madness = when clicked, turns off the audio and brings up a phony spreadsheet to your computer screen -- just in case you're at work and the boss is walking past your desk.)

In this case, MK is the boss and Ryan + Rex are chillin' with some Bob the Builder. I just know it.

Pat said...

Poor guy, hope he feels better soon. Ryan's work looks fun too!