Monday, December 31, 2012

Hurricane Fun

For just $2 you can experience a hurricane in El Paso.  Step into a telephone booth sized capsule and the "winds" whip up to 70 miles per hour. Our kiddos wanted to try it out, so all 8 of the cousins filed in and we shut the door.  I was ready with my camera to capture the fun. You can judge from the height of Marielle's hair and Rex's expressions the speed of the wind in each picture.

I felt pretty rotten for snapping pictures of their distress, but in my defense, I didn't know the door could open and let them out early.  You can see in this last pic, the hand of rescue coming to free the youngest three kids.  I think if Rex could talk he might say, "I want my $2 back!"


Aaron n Jamie said...

We saw one of these in Dallas but it was $8. I didn't feel like forking out that much and now that I see these pictures, I feel confirmed in my cheapness. I probably would have looked like Rex except not 2 years old.

Katie said...

He'll thank you one day for these pictures. I thank you now!

Lisa said...

Funny to compare the look on Marielle's face to the look on Rex's face. Thrill vs. torture.

Did you capture that picture of your rescuing hand to keep Child Protective Services at bay?

Jeannie said...

At least you had the presence of mind to keep snapping pictures. Rex certainly wasn't going to document the experience.

Hodnett Family said...

Awesome. I'm sure they loved it. =)