Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting the Lines Crossed

I think all couples have their little inside jokes or sentimental "asides" that make us smile and wink at each other.  For Ryan and I, we like to say "Soften Coffin" to each other.  It hearkens back to one of my first visits to El Paso.  We found an old VHS of one Ryan's high school quiz bowl meets.  One of the categories of questions had to be answered with two rhyming words. I can't recall the question, but it was something like,
Question:"Way to ease the journey into the next life?" 
Answer: "Soften Coffin"
As we watched the video, I shouted out the answer just seconds before HS Ryan stole the question from the opposing team.  Ever since, whenever we are feeling "soul-mate-ish" we grin and say our morbid code words.
Last week I packed Ryan a lunch and decided to go the extra mile and include a note.  None of you really want to know what I wrote, but you can make some guesses based on the last story I just told you. When Ryan opened his lunch he sent me this text,

haha, I just opened my lunch. You planning my interment is so romantic.

Except he didn't actually send it to me.  He sent it to a 17 year old he had been texting earlier that day about a Scout Meeting. I hate to relish the akward situations of others, but the following exchange is pretty classic.

17 year old's response to the misdirected text: Umm ok.

Ryan quickly addressing error: Haha, wrong person. I need to be more careful   with my texts. 

17 year old (and this is my favorite part) : Ok i'll just forget that last text then! If I can!  

I heard about the whole exchange after the fact and had a good laugh.  Especially since I may, or may not, have sent Ryan Polland a few misdirected texts myself.  (If I have, he is always a good sport about it.)

That night awkwardness reigned in our home that evening when the aforementioned 17 year old came over to get his scout papers signed.  Please tell me this has happened to you too.  Are we the only texting crazies who misdirect love notes? 


Karisa said...

Thanks for the laughs. That was awesome.

Jeannie said...

This made my day! I could just picture the conversations and feel the awkwardness. As always, your stories are hilarious. Miss you, friend!

Lisa said...

My personal best cell phone moment came when I text SCREAMED a friend from our ward in Idaho. I kept getting texts from a local grocery store--so I thought--about weekly sales, and I hate being spammed, so I texted "STOP SPAMMING ME!" Well, turns out it was my good buddy, whose husband works as a pharmacist at the store. We had a good laugh over it (after I delivered apology cookies, of course). In my defense, she had just changed her cell number and hadn't told me yet.

nicole said...

Ha ha! Ryan and I had a good laugh over this! And yes he gets a laugh over your misdirected texts as well! Any time :)

Camille said...

LOL - This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

Camille said...
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