Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Simple Service

My kids love Christmas for many reasons, but one of the grand Christmas perks is candy before breakfast.  First thing on our kid's agenda is to pull open a numbered door from our wooden advent house and devour the chocolate.  This year I thought it would be good to add some meaning to our tradition by doing simple acts of service each day.  Now we eat chocolate AND pull out a slip of paper that tells us something we can give others today.  This morning the slip read, "Share your testimony." My day has almost gone and I haven't shared my feelings on Christmas with anyone, so if you have a moment dear reader, may I share with you?

I know gift giving gets a bad wrap at Christmas because of all the commercialization, but I don't mind it. I like getting the chance to think about friends and family and really consider, what would make them happy. I think maybe Christ thinks a lot about that too. "What would make my child happy?"  His plan for his children is much more consistent and enduring, but the essence is the same. I have seen his hand in my life and know that the gifts he has given me really have made me happy.

 I love Christmas music, the decorations, the food, all because they bring out a tangible feeling of goodness and hope.  Feelings that I know Jesus Christ wants me to find within myself and share with others.  It's hard to know who exactly reads this blog, but to all of you my friends and family near or far  -- I'm so grateful to know you! My life has been richly blessed with the association of so many, many wonderful people.  Merry Christmas!


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Lisa said...

MK, this is a lovely Christmas message. Did you hear Pres Uchtdorf at the Christmas Devotional? He spoke about being a gracious receiver, so I liked what you said about recognizing and rejoicing over the gifts we have received from Heavenly Father.

I also like that the chocolates are now linked with service opportunities. Do you still buy those Trader Joe's chocolates? Or at least that's what you bought a couple of years ago when you let me have one! :)