Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

I was filing some paperwork tonight when I came across a first aid student manual from a course I took several years ago. I thought it would be highly responsible of me to brush up on my emergency care since I now have three little ones in tow. As I skimmed through it I came across this little gem on delivery. Naturally I made Ryan read it in preparation for the big day.

I think everyone should educate themselves with such handy tips such as,"the baby will be slippery, avoid dropping the baby" and "do not hold her knees together, this will not slow the birth process."

So it looks we are all set for our home delivery. Thanks American Red Cross!


Karisa said...


The Dunhams said...

Are you planning on having your baby at home? Good luck regardless. And yes, the baby will be slippery, lol.

So, my mom said you wanted an invite to my blog. :) I just need you to email me so I can get your email address and I will add you. My email is: dedunham@hotmail.com

Katie said...

LOL! Who knew it was so simple?? Don't tell your obstetrician that he/she wasted all that money on medical school!

Excited for your baby news!

Annie said...

I like the "remember, the woman delivers the baby"... As if Ryan is going to forget that!