Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Streak has Ended!

True Story: We have lived here for four years and one month.  I have not bought laundry soap once.  When we moved in my mom gave me a huge tub from Costco as a welcome gift and ever since we've inherited extra soap from friends in our neighborhood that have moved out.

This morning I went to get soap and I scraped the bottom of the barrel. It was sad day, but still a pretty impressive feat.  Now as I prepare to admit defeat and head to the store, any detergents you like?


Jenae said...

I SO wish we could have been a part of this streak but I scraped the bottom on my last Santa Barbara load of laundry. At least you have stain remover for a while... :)

Lisa said...

We buy the Kirkland brand at Costco. I think you should, too. That way you'll be able to pay it forward and give the leftovers to some lucky family when you guys leave.

Please tell me we gave you our extra laundry detergent when we left. I will feel guilty if I learn that we didn't.