Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Gear, check.

Today I hit 37 weeks! Over the weekend we retrieved all our baby gear from storage at my moms house.  I wasn't sure where I would put it all pre baby, but necessity found a way.  I give you the baby gear tall stack.  Squished between the wall and our pack and play I found space for Lucky's future carseat, base, swing, bouncy chair, baby bath sling, and bike seat.  We may not have a lot of closets, but we do have a lot of people in this apartment ready to meet, greet, and love this new little baby. 

And how about one more glance at this cute kid who is definitely NOT a baby anymore.  Happy napping Rex, your world is about to get rocked!


Annie said...

I think you may need to go back to one of those manuals about preparing the room for baby... :) I'm pretty sure that stack might be a hazard... And hopefully the toddler will be removed by the time baby arrives! Ha ha.

Lisa said...

Don't forget the versatility of those student housing bathrooms for storage, naptime, baby playtime. The possibilities are endless.

How are you feeling? Hope you're doing well. Excited to read the birth announcement on your blog!