Friday, October 25, 2013

Three U Turns

When Ryan and I were first married we moved to Houston for a summer internship.  We spent most of our weekends going on day trips in the area, often visiting his old mission stomping grounds.  We loved being unencumbered newlyweds with the freedom (and energy) to go and see the sights of Houston.  I do remember one uncomfortable moment though, early in that hot Houston summer.  We were on our way to Sugarland and decided to take the toll road.  Ryan was driving and got mixed up as to which direction to take and the error meant we had to pay the toll twice.  This was the first time I saw him get really angry in the car and it worried me a bit.  Afterwards he apologized for his emotions and together we implemented the three u-turn rule.  We decided whenever we are lost or driving someplace new we are allowed 3 u-turns before anyone can get upset.  It was kind of a joke at the time, but we still live by it since it really eases tensions while driving in unfamiliar territory.  
A few of our newlywed adventures that summer, Galveston

Six Flags
But why am I sharing this story on our blog now 8 years later?  Because today I had to take a MAJOR U-turn.  You see, today I thought I was having a baby.  Today I timed contractions meticulously and after several hours of monitoring, they starting spacing down to five minutes.   I rushed my husband home from work and we drove excitedly to the hospital.  Then we sat in triage for about 2 hours waiting for contractions to ramp up.  And they did not.  I was so sad.  We left the hospital in search of dinner, new boy and girl take home outfits, and stronger contractions.  We got pizza, bought outfits, but no amount of walking could make the contractions eclipse past the 5 to 7 minute spacing.  Around 7pm I admitted defeat and went home to go to the shower my friends were throwing for me even though they thought I wouldn't be coming due to impending delivery.  Sigh. 

But you know what? Tonight I realized that I get three u-turns before I get upset.  I took my first tonight and I can have two more if I need.  I hope this baby decides to come soon, or at least lightens up on the contractions if he or she really doesn't want to come down to earth yet!  I am feeling pretty good at the moment.  I had a great night with my mom and girlfriends, my contractions aren't as intense, and I hope to get some sleep tonight.  Stay tuned, this story is to be continued.

Our family now.  Hey Lucky, don't you want to come join us out in the sunlight??


Nathan and Sarah said...

Hang in there!!! So excited to see
This new baby. Good luck over the next few days!

Jenae said...

I hope you don't get anywhere close to using two more U-turns. Can't wait to see (pictures of) little Lucky!

30 year-old Dad said...

Ha! I totally remember that road trip. And I consider the 3 U-turn rule one of life's important spiritual laws.

P.S. I still confuse east & west in split second decisions. Hope it's not on the final.

Annie said...

Oh shoot! I decided not to go to the shower because the guest of honor wasn't going to be there! (And I had a lot of other things to do.) I have some diapers for you. :) I was excited for you that you weren't going to have a Halloween baby, but maybe you will yet...

Lisa said...

I love that rule, but I can't imagine either you or Ryan getting upset enough to need such a rule. :)

Loved reading this, even though you didn't end up with a baby at the end. Are you guys believer in Push gifts? If so, I say you deserve twice the gift after this experience!

Karisa said...

Can't wait to hear your news! Hope everything goes well!