Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Jenna and Rex learned from General Conference

Our family had a nice Conference weekend. We don't mind if our kids are in and out of the room, but to draw them back in every so often, we dole out a treat every time there is a music. The kids came running for Rice Krispie treats each time the strains of Motab could be heard. At one point Jenna and Rex stayed with us long enough to hear the closing prayer. And Jenna thought it was pretty cool that speaker ended the prayer saying, "in the sacred name of Jesus Christ." Since then both she and Rex have made sure to incorporate this phrase to end all prayers. Which is great, I'm happy to know they are learning that prayers can be different from the standard phrases we often hear and repeat.
But tonight her prayer ending made us laugh a little. Somewhere along the way her phraseology has morphed and tonight at dinner and FHE prayer Jenna closed by saying, "in the secret way of Jesus Christ." What. Do you think, should we correct her or assume God has a healthy sense of humor?


Katie said...

LOL! Don't correct her! She probably knows something we don't.

PS - She has the CUTEST little haircut!

Flem said...

I, too, vote for leaving it. I always disliked it when people corrected cute things our children said because they would eventually grow out of it and we liked to enjoy the fun. We would actually embrace the phrase and adopt it hence referring to dessert as "Kessert" or "horsey on" instead of "giddy-up."

I think in that same spirit your whole family should start closing prayers like that at home and at church. Don't pretend like that wouldn't be fun.

Lisa said...

I think this is why the scriptures say that Jesus loves the little children--because they are so funny in their innocence!

The other day, Phoebe saw a Bob Marley CD cover and called him "Jesus." Kids.