Saturday, April 26, 2014


With four kids in tow, I'm learning to drop the phrase "real quick" from my vocab.  The pie I was going to whip up real quick, actually wasn't that quick. I finished our "pie day" pie at about 9:00pm, so it was not quite ready for the family celebration I envisioned. However, those of us lucky enough to still be awake at 9 got to enjoy some yummy coconut cream pie in honor of that famous number.

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Karisa said...

Great smile Annette! And the rest of yous guys too. My friend is thinking of adopting, and that is the one bit of info I shared: Expect everything to take 10 times as long. Instead of running six errands, you'll be lucky if you do one. This is what you must accept about having kids. The blessings make up for it though:) -Karisa