Monday, April 7, 2014

The Youtube Revolution, did I miss the wave?

My younger brother Ben tells me about Youtube all the time. He especially loves watching Asian pranks. You'll have to check those out for yourself, as I haven't followed his advice yet. I assumed youtube is what the "younger generation" does when they are bored. (Yes, I am admitting I am old). However due to two separate emails from my parents, I had re-think the whole "younger generation" thing. Both my mom and dad sent youtube videos to my email this week. Apparently it isn't just those crazy teenagers watching. So in order to keep myself up-to-date and tech-savy, here's some funny videos I found. See, I can ride this wave!

This was another post I found today in the drafts section.  Not even sure when I wrote this.  I'm happy to say that I did not miss the wave and continue to ride the youtube wave often. I suppose I didn't end up posting this because I couldn't find any funny videos at the time.  So to make up for my delay here is a good one that we've watched more times than we can count. Ryan can whip up our waffle batter before the video ends and when it ends we start breakfast together.  Enjoy!


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