Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because We're Members

We are now members of Houston's Children's Museum. Some of the perks included with membership are free admission to the museum and well, that's about it. (Ok, so we could get reduced parking in the garage, but we're walk-a-block-and-park-free kind of people.) Marielle loves the "tot-spot", and we love watching her wear herself out. Here are a few pics from last time we went.

Here is Marielle loaded up and ready to go PLAY!
Here is Marielle once we arrived at the museum. (Umm, did you forget about naptime parents?)

Dad teaches Marielle how to stack blocks.

Marielle's favorite spot: the door! She loves opening and shutting the perfectly sized door. And ringing the perfectly placed doorbell. :)
Last of all, Marielle acting out the story of Jonas and the whale. Three days later we took her home.

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