Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Get Your Child to Eat Oatmeal in Five Steps or Less

1. Make a nice warm bowl and offer to child. If child says no, proceed to step two.
2. Listen as your child whines about cereal while you try to explain that the milk is "all gone" at least ten times. (You must really be out of milk for this to work.)
3. Out of desperation invent "milk" by diluting yogurt with water and pour into cereal bowl.
4. Watch as your child promptly spits out the cereal and "milk" the second it hits her taste buds.
5. Offer the oatmeal again, and watch as child eats up without complaint.

Works like a charm! Trust me, I've tried it. :)


123checkoutthefamily said...

We have some good oatmeal stories. Your story is hilarious. gotta love those terrible 2's huh? Well, maybe they're not quite 2 yet but they're working on it. Brayden has been for a while now.

Sarah said...

Very clever. I'm glad I've never tried water and yogurt -- wait, would that be like a smoothie?

Leah said...

But seriously, put sprinkles in the oatmeal and she'll gobble it up. I'm serious. Works every time.

Dad of the Year said...

sarah - no it's more like flavored skim milk...