Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're Ba--ack!

We are home from our trip to CA and add in a visit from my parents and Ben the week before, so it feels like we've been gone a month! We got home late Sunday night but I didn't finish Breaking Dawn until this morning, so only can I start getting back to real life. So we'll start with a slide show of pictures from the visit to Houston and hopefully later this week I'll write up our California va-cay. I am sure everyone is just dying to hear the update. Right? Right?


David Sycamore said...

Good to have you back! We've been lost without you.

Nice shots in the slideshow. Can I send a shout out to my good friend lens cloth? Here's hoping he gets together with his friend smudge real soon!

Heartstopper said...

yeah mary. GEEZE!

Get with the program and clean that lens!