Thursday, June 18, 2009


Since we went to Disneyland in March I thought it might be nice to post some pictures in June. Makes sense right? Prolong the magic I always say...or just get the pictures three months late from your Dad's camera.
Disney Classic: DUMBO RIDE!
Waiting for the princesses
Still waitingThis is the face of a Dad who for waited in line by himself for , I kid you not, 21/2 hours! You better believe he hoped this would be Disney Magic.
You can see Marielle really enjoyed herself...Getting braverFinally, Blowing Kisses with Belle!And of course MICKEY!!!


123 checkoutourfamily said...

oh, how fun! Her reaction to the princesses is like Brayden's to Santa Claus. Remember?

S+S said...

So he waited 21 hours/2 = 10.5 hours!

... or was that a 2 1/2? the punctuation(or spacing) was so unclear. :)