Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mullen Fashion

My girls have some great fashion role models. Not Ryan and I, but their Shula, Meh-Meh, and Al-guh. (Translation: Grandma, and Aunts Megan and Ally.) Not only do we receive very cute outfits, but apparently this fashion sense is genetic and is now showing up in Marielle's choice of accessories.

Last week while heading out to story time Marielle pointed out to me that her silver shoes matched her silver purse. The next day Marielle made sure to have the same matching purse/shoe combination for all outings. Now perhaps I'm reading a little too much into this as she also insists that the color of her spoon match the color of her bowl, but I'd like to think she is walking in the footsteps of her great fashion heritage. Then maybe she can help me, right?

Jenna stylin' in her baby naajarte outfit.
Check out that hand -- can you feel the sisterly love?


123 checkoutourfamily said...

You have 2 gorgeous girls! That's for sure.

The Hamiltons said...

Like I said before you have 2 beautiful princess.
Hey Do you know where my ice cream scoop is? I can't find it anywhere. I'm think that I left it in the hospital.
Anyway. I love the new pics on your blog.
I will call you this weekend. Mica wants to see the baby and play with Marielle.