Friday, June 5, 2009

Of Steps and Balloons...

When we introduced potty training I bought a pink stepping stool to help Marielle up to the potty. More recently the "step", as Marielle affectionately calls it, has come out of the bathroom and helps her reach things all around the house. We are in constant search for her step, as it assists her putting DVDs in, turning on lights, helping mom change Jenna's diapers, seeing the computer screen better, and so forth.

Last Sunday we went for a walk before church. Ryan decided to bring along our "It's a Girl!" balloon that Grandma Sycamore gave us when we came home from the hospital. He tied it to our stroller to accompany us as we sluggishly meandered through the neighborhood. Maybe he thought it would distract us from the early June, yet still oppressively hot, heat of Houston. On our way home the balloon came free and drifted off into the sky. Marielle said as we watched it sail away, "We need go home and get my step. Then we can get it back."


Alayne said...

Wow, for a second I thought I was reading about Adalie. The step is both an inconvenient, and convenient tool. We got so sick of looking for our step, that I ended up having them be my top item at the Longwood garage sale. Now we have a few, and it is much nicer than trying to locate the one!!!

James, Cameo, Jacob, Elijah said...

That's so funny! I always wonder how little kids' minds work!!