Sunday, January 23, 2011

Debate Settled: Jenna's Compassionate

Marielle received a blue sleeveless dress from one of our neighbors. She told me yesterday that she was very excited to wear it to church. I asked her, "Did you decide if you're going to wear a shirt under it or a sweater?"

Her response: "Umm, we're still debating that."

What 4 year-old uses words like "debate"? Just another sign that this girl is growing up too fast.

Also, Rex and I survived Mom's first extended absence today. MK went to church today to teach Gospel Doctrine. Rex did great, until T-25 minutes to Mom's return. Then he let me know, quite vocally, that I am his second-choice parent. When Rex started crying, Jenna's head popped up, like she just remembered we have this baby now, and she sprinted out of the room. She returns carrying a pacifier. Sadly, this wasn't quite the cure-all I'm sure Jenna thought it would be, especially because I was already holding one in Rex's mouth. A few minutes later, however, Rex did settle down. Jenna walked up to me saying "Baby!" So I bent down, to let her get close. She noticed Rex had a tear on his cheek, so she ran and brought me a cloth to wipe it away.

You're in good hands, Rex.


Annie said...

That's sweet. Rex just looks like Jenna's baby doll!

It's funny you were trying to get Marielle to put more ON. Jared wanted to wear a corduroy jacket and I tried to convince him to take it OFF (it's too hot for this weather), but he still wanted to wear it.

Kimi said...

She's a mini mom!

Hodnett Family said...

What great kids you have!

TheSycamores said...

Marielle's dress is so cute! I like the jacket. Jenna & Rex look so cute together. Jenna's compassion is blossoming.