Monday, January 10, 2011

Woohoo, We Have a Baby!

The wait is over. I'm so happy to be sharing the news that our baby is here. We left for the hospital Sunday morning around 6am and Rex emerged at 11:05 am to jubilant parents. We were both thrilled to know we had a BOY!!! He weighed 8lbs 10ounces and was 21 inches long. Everyone kept saying, "Wow, big baby!" but I was thinking, "Hey, he's my smallest baby yet" (by an ounce). Marielle and Jenna came over that afternoon and loved meeting their new little brother. We loved seeing them and all the rest of the family that made the trek to meet the newest Mullen.
Name that emotion: (a)shock that we had a boy, (b) relief that the birth is over, (c) joy that our baby was here, (d) all of the above.

Hopping mad after his bath. He got back at the nurse by peeing all over her.

Little baby feet... I just wish they stayed tiny just a little longer.

He's like his dad, already a deep thinker.

One of the few moments Rex was awake.

Rex was soo sleepy the first day.

Marielle and Jenna LOVED my hospital bed. Beds that move up and down? Can we bring this home please?

Ready to GO HOME!

First family picture. We are not all pink anymore!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby boy, he weighed almost 3 times as much as me during my birth. I wish you all the best! ~ Bryan G

Annie said...

Way to capture the emotion - love it. Good job mama! And way to go Rex - peeing like a champ...

He's beautiful, and just like that - you're a family of FIVE and you got a BOY! Yeah! (I got a little emotional just looking at the pictures.) So excited for you!

So will he be your little T Rex?

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Love this post! Yay for a boy!!! They're a lot of fun.I'm excited that we're having another one. He's a cutie!Congrats!!!!

Christy said...

Wahoooo! Congrats! He's adorable!

Dixie said...

Congratulations! Rex is so cute! Glad you both are doing well. Miss you guys!

Karisa said...

What wonderful pictures!! I'd say D) All of the above!
We are so happy for you guys! Congratulations on your healthy, beautiful baby boy!

Alayne said...

congrats! I must say I'm a little jealous that A) you've had your baby, and B) it is a boy!!! I'm so excited for you guys. Send some birthing vibes our way, as Bre, Laura, and I are just hanging out waiting :-)

Rebecca said...

So so so cute. Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him.

James, Cameo, Jacob, and Eli said...

Congratulations!! It's so fun having boys, but I don't know any different!! You'll love it!

Katie said...

BOY JOY!!!!! Get ready to have your heart stolen away in a WHOLE new way.

He is so handsome, and with some a handsome name to match! I love it!

Melanie and Jarom said...

Congrats! That is so awesome! He is a cutie and I must say that is an awesome after birth picture- wish I looked that good!