Friday, January 28, 2011


Jenna is approaching her two year old milestone and pleasantly beginning to play with and emulate her big sister Marielle. It's fun to watch her follow on the heels of Marielle and try to keep up. Yesterday, Marielle wanted to play Guess Who? while MK made dinner. She decided to enlist the only available opponent, Jenna. Marielle got out both game boards, drew a character card and started asking questions.

"Jenna, does your guy have a yellow hair?"
Jenna flips random tiles.

"Jenna, does your guy have bald?"
Jenna says, "Ooh" and flips random tiles and attempts to pull cards out of slots.

After 10 minutes of this, Marielle says to MK, "Ummm...Jenna's not really playing." At this point MK, cleaned up the board game knowing card destruction was imminent.

Later at dinner Jenna was acting a bit temperamental. She has become a picky eater of late, and often even when we put food she likes on her plate, she'll react by screaming. If you push her to eat, she'll respond with her characteristic I've-been-chastised-pose: head bowed and eyes squinted down to slits. So last night, when Jenna wouldn't touch a thing on her plate, MK took several bites in attempt to show her that it was indeed food (and good food at that)! No luck. MK finally turned to Marielle, "Show her that you like it."

Marielle took a big bite of her couscous. So did Jenna.

We attacked the peas with the same strategy. Marielle takes a big bite and smiles. So does Jenna. In the end, she could have licked her plate clean it was so empty.

To finish out the day it was bath time for Rex. It took one bath tub and three women (Mom, Marielle and Jenna) to complete the job. Rex didn't appreciate his soapy scrub and screamed his head off as they toweled him down and dressed him in a warm sleeper. The continuing dialogue accompanied the screaming like so:

Mom: We're almost done...almost done...almost done.
Marielle: Ohhh Rex! Almost done! Rex, almost done!
Jenna: AHH dun, AHH dun, AHH dun.

When Dad came home to an empty house and his whole family closed into a shut bathroom, it must have seemed like one of those "How many _________ does it take to screw in a light bulb?" jokes.

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