Monday, May 9, 2011

Cute Kids

False Lyrics
Marielle and I were driving to store on Saturday to do a little Mother's Day shopping. The song Desperado came on the radio. Knowing not to talk while the song played, Marielle waited until the final note faded and then remarked, "Dad, that song is not true. It is never too late to let somebody love you."

Rex as a Verb

When Marielle saw this picture:

Her surprise overrode her ability to articulate and she blurted out, "Jenna was pregnant! And we didn't even Rex."

Tonight at the end of FHE, as we do every week, we colored. Jenna hoarded all the Crayola Twistables. I'd ask her for one, and she'd grin at me, say "mine" and swing them out of my reach. Finally, I found one that had escaped her notice in the crayon bucket. I started to color with it, and it drove Jenna crazy. She reached across the table, practically laying on her side stretching, "Da-hy. Mine. Da-hy! Mine!" I offered to trade, but all I got were eye slits. Finally she started begging, "Da-hy, peas. Peas. Peas!" I've never seen her so happy as when she got that 9th crayon in her chubby little fingers.

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Jeannie said...

I actually can't decide what story I love more. I think I have to go with "Rex as a Verb," though, because of it's fantastic example of excitement trumping linguistic ability. All priceless, however...