Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock Around the Clock

You know how some parents like to pose their kids in the same place every year to show how they've grown?  Well, I've got a great idea.  I think I'll call it "the hands of time." 

Each year I'll bring Marielle to Chuck-e-Cheese to pose on the clock ride and we can watch as her face gets more bored, annoyed, and generally "over it" as she gradually inches her way towards adulthood.   Engagement pictures? The wedding announcement could read, "It's almost TIME to get married!"
But before I get too ahead of myself, let's just pause time to look at these two cuties: one past, one present, and both growing up way too fast. 


Jeannie said...

If you pinned this idea on Pinterest, it would be sure to take off. I can see the flood of engagement pictures now...

Jenae said...

I like that the seatbelt is set to "strangle" mode. Chuckie Cheese: the pinnacle of safety and family fun.

I do love the pictures though. :)