Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blog Emulation

I have a friend named Katie who has blog that I love.  Her writing is witty, the pictures of her kids always adorable, and she manages to capture life's little moments in a way that I really resonate with.  A few months ago I saw this post on her blog. (Seriously, click on the link, my words cannot do the picture justice.)  And then, a day or so later I saw an odd toy out of on the lawn.  I couldn't resist trying to copy cat her photo.  If you come across a large animal mask on your lawn the next few days, TAG! You're IT!


Katie said...

Well I am about to prove the "witty writer" claim wrong, because I have NO words to describe how much this made my day!!!

Lisa said...

Ditto on the Katie love. She's at the tippity top of the amazing blog list.

I hope I'm lucky enough to stumble upon a mask in our neighborhood, but those kinds of awesome things tend to not happen for me. :)

What is that thing anyway?