Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing, Annette!

It's been over two weeks since my "three u turn" post, but I haven't been suffering pregnant.  I've been doggie paddling through the deep waters of caring for four kids, around the clock feedings, and well, life.  Posting Annette's birth story has been relegated to the back burner of non-essentials many a time.  But this afternoon my family is off to church and I've found myself in a quiet house with a just a sleeping baby.  Ohhh, let me say, the quiet sounds so nice.  Just me and the clickety, clack of the keys.  (And a few grunts here and there from sleepy Annette.)

I woke up Friday morning feeling discouraged.  How would I endure another day of contractions, questioning if "this is it", and that solid lump in my belly prohibiting me from doing things that I love such as bending over, getting up off the ground, and walking at a "normal" pace?  Ryan and Marielle left for school and I laid down on the couch with the idea that if I didn't move much my contractions would stop.  But they didn't.  They were a lot like the day before: about five minutes apart and mildly painful. I managed to get myself off the couch and get Jenna and Rex ready for the day to drop Jenna off at preschool.  As I drove I noticed that the intensity and speed of contractions started picking up.  My moral also picked up at this new development.  I started making phone calls and arrangements, "just in case." The plan was for Ryan and I to go to my Dr's appt at 10 and then see if he recommended checking in at the hospital.  But by the time we got downtown, it was clear that we should just go straight to labor and delivery.
When we walked in the same nurse greeted us from the day before, but she could tell things were much more "ramped up" and checked me into one of the delivery suites.  From that moment on everything went as smooth as I always thought delivery would be.  My anesthesiologist came quickly, the epidural worked great.  Ryan and I watched a movie, and I took a nap. In fact by about 3:30pm Ryan and I looked at each other and said, "So when are things going to get rolling?  This waiting around is getting kinda dull."  Right then my nurse came in and checked me, I was expecting to hear, "You are at a 6 or 7"  Instead she said, "Ok, you are complete. I'll call the doctor." Huh?  Turns out I had been napping during the hardest stage of labor. Then in a very routine manner she readied the room, another nurse came in and we made polite small talk, while we waited about five minutes for our Dr to arrive.  I laughed at how strange it seemed to be ready to push our baby out without feeling any kind of pain or even pressure.  Man that epidural worked!  On cue I pushed and out slid a head.  Two more pushes and someone shouted, "Its a girl!"  I squealed with joy!  As with all my pregnancies, my gender prediction was wrong. But I couldn't have been any happier to welcome Annette into our family.  I felt wonderful as they plopped that warm body on my chest and watched her slowly take in the world around her.  She very peacefully looked from side to side and seemed in awe of her new surroundings.  I was definitely in awe of my new daughter.  It was such a peaceful, beautiful moment.  One I hope I will never forget.

The Stats:
Annette Sycamore Mullen
Born Friday, October 25, 2013 at 3:52pm
Weight: 8lbs 4ounes (our smallest baby yet!)

Moments before "go time". 

Moments after go-time!

First visit from her older siblings.  They were quite the rowdy bunch!

First family photo with six!

Crazy Hair Day at the hospital

She was stylin' with her knitted cap.

In her new take home outfit.  Good thing we went shopping yesterday instead of delivering!

That smile is because I love Annette so much more now that she and I have our own personal spaces.


Karisa said...

A daughter!!! A daughter!!! What a blessing. Everyone and everything just perfect- yea!!! Congratulations guys.

Lisa said...

Welcome to Annette! She's adorable. And you look great! Welcome to the epidural club! They're the best. :)

Annie said...

She's adorable! Love the crazy hair day picture, with those chubby cheeks. And she's so alert in that last picture.

Congratulations! You make it sound way too easy.

Lauren M said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.