Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hamily Fome Screaming

When I was a kid we had a family home evening job wheel.  Since there were 8 members of the family, we needed a little creativity to create enough jobs.  I remember conducting, talent, education, game, treat, song, prayer, and lesson.  The coveted spot was conducting.  For some reason, we all loved standing on the fireplace mantel and welcoming everyone and running the order of events.  One night my younger brother Jonathan got a bit mixed up and said, "Welcome to Hamily Fome Evening." Everyone busted up laughing and the name stuck. But all of this is just me reminiscing, and has very little to do with what I set about to post.
Ryan and I decided that we wanted to get our kids more involved in the planning and running of our FHE.  Marielle chose to teach a lesson on the Word of Wisdom on her first week.  I helped her prepare the lesson,  and she ran the show.  We had found some clip art food and substances that fall under "do's" and "don'ts" online, and that night she coached Jenna and Rex on where to place the pictures.  But here's where we got creative:  instead of printing the banners "Yes" and "No" that were provided in the template, we used something our family can really relate to. Superman and Bizzaro Superman headed each column to reinforce how to keep our bodies healthy!  Pretty good role models, huh?

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