Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movies, the Mullens & You

Avid fans of The Marielle Show will recognize a subtle new addition to the Blog: Movies We Plan to Watch (But not Yet) [on the right, below Recent Reads We Loved]. This list shows the movies on our que at the Harris County Public Library (or those that will soon be on the list). You see, the library will send any video we request, from any branch of the library, to our branch just down the street - for free. This is especially enticing to the Sycamore half of our family. The catch is that we sometimes have to wait ~6 months for new releases, while old releases will get here in a matter of days. Since we can usually only watch a video every other weekend, this calls for some strategic planning on our part to make sure we don't get overloaded with 6 DVDs at once.

So, here's where your part comes in, Mr. & Mrs. Avid Fan, if you see a new movie that you really like, please recommend it to us as soon as possible - so we can see it sometime before we move. Also, if you see a movie on our list that was terrible, comment that to us as well - so we don't waste good weekends on bad movies.


Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

Flight Plan -- I liked it a lot because it's suspenseful...I love a good twist.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves --classic, great action and story
Thoroughly Modern Millie --classic, but weird
Deja Vu --interesting, couldn't really happen, but pretty good
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure --you haven't seen this Ryan? I like it. Classic 80's.
Somewhere in Time--Another 80's. It's an ok love story. Watch out for the love scene, or "cockroach". :D

David Sycamore said...

Heather would like you to know that if you are upset, you should not watch the Pursuit of Happyness, because most of the movie is pursuit, not so much happiness.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what we do. I love not having to pay to rent movies.
Pursuit of Happyness-good show
Somewhere in Time-great music. Liked it.
Flight Plan-good suspense
Modern Millie-a little strange