Friday, August 31, 2007

Seems like just yesterday!

Our little one is ten months now. We spent some time at the park in the Woodlands yesterday as part of my birthday celebration (more pics and details coming later) and we realized the last time we were there Marielle was like three days old. It was our first family outing and Marielle treated us right with her first blow-out-up-the-back-poopy-diaper. If that wasn't enough, while Ryan was trying to change her in the front seat of our car (no changing tables in the bathroom) she peed as soon as the diaper was off and we were scrambling for a new diaper and wipes. Memories! Well here are the pics from then and now just to show you how far we've come!


What a difference 10 months makes. (I think the lake looks a little better too!)

Now all cleaned up and sitting pretty after the "blowout." After the incident Ryan came back from cleaning up himself in the bathroom and I was nursing Marielle. Ryan said, "What? You're fueling that little monster?"

My little baby's not so little! I still love to cuddle her though. :)


Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

Cute! She's so adorable. Hey--we think that you should for sure try to do Marielle's talent sometime during the Talent show night.

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...