Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our Visit to California!

Ryan went on a business trip last week, so Marielle and I went on a trip of our own. We flew out Tuesday morning and got home Saturday night. We had such a fun time, but really missed having Dad around. Marielle was pretty shy at first and always wanted mom in sight, but warmed up after a day or two to her adoring fans and family in Southern California. Here are some of our fun times:

What do you think? Should we have bought the t-shirt for Marielle??

At the Farmer's Market in LA with Uncle Justin. (She's eating Grandma's lipgloss)

Marielle loved corn cobbs. Mom loved cleaning up all the corn!

Playing at the mall. (Look carefully, that grass is fake, and tough on baby knees!)

Marielle liked the water much better....

She liked it so much we couldn't keep her out of it. Goodbye clothes!

Marielle experiences "soft grass"

Out to lunch with my friend Sarah Mathews

Now that's one big swing! She looks bored, but she really did like swinging...:)

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Nick, Jen and Spencer said...

My vote is a definite yes for buying the shirt! haha