Sunday, August 26, 2007

Murder Mystery Party

Last weekend Ryan and I threw a Murder Mystery Party. The Murder was staged back in the Sixties at the Groovy A Go-Go. The costumes were fantastic and we had a great time figuring out "who dun it!" We listened to 60's tunes as we acted out scripts, revealed clues and ate dinner. We even had a "prop quiz" and a So you think you know the 60's game. I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take LOTS more pictures but we have a few to give you the flavor. Who was the murderer??? Trippie Dickie Nickson! The President of the United States!

Rose Pedal "Peace Man!"

Peter Paul and Jalopy Joplin

Roger the Dodger (on his way to Canada to doge the draft) by the sign posted to welcome guests to the joint.

Too bad the guest of honor never made it to the birthday -- Goodbye Ruby Tuesday!

Trippie Dickie and Rose Pedal

Roger the Dodger and Jennifer Juniper (I was a journalism student for the Turn, Turn, Turn Times)

Buzz Bullet and Goldie GO GO (Goldie won best costume that night)

THe Maharishi and Maryjane Cannibiski