Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is Here!

MK & I retrieved all our Christmas decorations over the weekend. After Church, Marielle begged me to wait until her quiet time was over so she could help decorate. Jenna woke up by that time, too, so it was a full family affair. Here are my favorite moments:
  • The nativities. We have 3, all kid-friendly. MK overheard this storyline night from Marielle, "Oh no! Oh no! Mary is going to marry one of the wisemen. Oh no! Here comes Joseph. We need to stall that wedding!" Then the sheep and camels rushed in. We obviously need to work on the Christmas story.

  • Jenna stomped and twirled spontaneously as Frosty the Snowman played on Pandora.
  • My musical tie went off as I said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday.
  • As I pulled out and tested Christmas lights, Marielle ran over. I told her, "We had these lights in Houston and put them up on our house." M.e., "Isn't it fun to see all the things I don't remember?"
  • M.e.: "We should have a Christmas dinner!"
    Mom: "What do you eat at a Christmas dinner?"
    Me: "Christmas food."
    Mom: "Like chicken, mac n cheese and biscuits?" (The already planned dinner)
    Me: "Yeah!"
    Both kids polished off their Christmas food with relish.
  • Since we live in an apartment with no outdoor electrical outlets, I decided to put our colored lights inside our living room. After the first string, MK confessed she felt a little like Kramer living across from the Kenny Roger's Roasters neon sign. I believe her exact words were, "Well, it's not soothing." But I persisted, and after the girls' reaction this morning MK decided it was worth it. Jenna turned a full circle reaching up for the lights while saying "Oooooooooooooooh!" and Marielle danced and jumped around the room to Christmas music.

  • We couldn't help but feel the Christmas glow this morning when Marielle said in her breakfast prayer, "And I like eating on Christmas plates. And I loved eating with my Christmas spoon last night. And I love Christmas, it is the best holiday of all."


Ally said...

I'm glad I'm related to Marielle, Christmas definitely is the best holiday of all!

Flem said...

Was it the Fiona Apple rendition of Frosty? Cuz that is for SURE the best.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

hahaha...Marielle has quite the imagination. Christmas is my favorite too!!!