Monday, November 29, 2010


For those of you out of the acronym loop, the title stands for "What Would Spencer W. Kimball Do?" And for those of you out of the Spencer W. Kimball loop, we defer to his discerning judgment since he was quite the prankster in his pre-apostle days.

We were asked to bring snack to Nursery. Since we've been recent frequenters ourselves, due to Jenna's nursery initiation, we know how snack goes down. The kids must eat "something healthy" to get the token graham or animal cracker as a reward. Sadly Jenna is not really a fan of fruit and veggies (read: she won't touch the stuff and spits out anything even remotely resembling organic or non-processed). So you see, Jenna doesn't get much to eat.

I jokingly suggested sending Oreo's in non-compliance with the very nice note the nursery leaders sent describing appropriate snack suggestions. Ryan thought this idea was too good to be a joke and insisted we do it. After all, why send food we know our child won't eat? As you can see from the picture, we compromised: tangerines AND Oreos.

Exhibit A, Nursery Snack Basket and instructions.
After Nursery we inspected Jenna's mouth for the tell-tale signs of Oreo crumbs and found none. Plus, I checked in on Jenna during snack time: tangerines were out in force, but no snacksters on the napkins. The Oreos were not consumed, YET, not returned. And I want to know, who is eating those little gems? Should we demand our cookies or hope that they are resting in the closet until the day snack is forgotten and the leaders are desperate to stave off a 3 year-old led mutiny?


Annie said...

You didn't follow the rules... they must have been confiscated! :) Someone is enjoying those. Alex tried to throw in some crackers or something last time and they got sent back home with us, with a friendly reminder not to bring them. We love those nursery leaders though!

Flem said...

They probably felt bad sending them back--OR the kids ate them but the nursery leaders mopped up the crumbs with immaculate perfection :)

Brandy said...

I know they only allow Oreos when it's someone's birthday so maybe they kept them for the next time they have a birthday. I guess with food allergies and stuff they only allow specific things. If it's not on the list of allowed food I think they send it back. I love the idea of tangerines and oreos though. Maybe the mothers should all get together and have a snack every week too!!

Jo said...

As the nursery leader I feel I must respond to this post. We only ask for fruits and veggies because we have multiple allergies in our nursery and it is difficult to serve something that not all the children can eat. On the flip side Oreos are the one thing that no one is allergic to. We actually keep them in the closet and give them out on Birthdays. Jenna was able to pass out the Oreos yesterday after snack during outside time. That is why they were not returned. We only serve oreos outside because of the mess they make and then we know the kids ate their snacks first. :-)

Flem said...

Ha ha busted!