Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Entourage

Marielle dictated costumes this year. She named what she and everyone else was to be. I'm pretty sure she won't get complete costume control in future years, but actually it was pretty fun to do a whole family theme.

Marielle's Princess Aurora dress was amazing. Ryan's mom actually sewed the dress and it is gorgeous. Marielle loved wearing it and most importantly, twirling in it.
Ryan was her Prince Philip. And while his costume was much more "homespun", he danced with her and made her feel like a real princess. (I'm so glad he's my prince too.) Jenna and I got to be two of the three good fairies. I knew long ago that regardless of what Jenna's costume might be, she would be wearing a tutu. The fairy costume worked out splendidly with my tutu vision. And so the Mullen family lived happily ever after this Halloween.


Christy said...

Super cute!

Annie said...

Ryan's a lucky guy, surrounded by his pretty girls! Great family picture. And Marielle's dress...so pretty - a little girl's dream.

Katie said...

That dress is amazing!

And I think Jenna had her own family theme going on...She seems to be doing a perfect impression of Mommy's cute little baby bump. (Her stance is too cute!)