Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guess What, I Just Started a Blog

Hey friends,

I know you love my blog that's why you are here reading right?  Well seeing as it's Christmas season and life gets really hectic, I thought I'd start a new blog.  Smart right? Especially since I have the lofty hopes of posting every day until Christmas.  It's not another blog showcasing how cute/funny my kids are, but rather a blog to help all of us with our holiday shopping. I'm calling it Give Twice and I plan to post the skinny on where to find gifts that give some or all of their proceeds to good causes.  I'm hoping it will catch like wild fire and lots of people will support good causes as they shop for the perfect holiday gifts.  What do you think?  There's just one post now, but it's a good one and every day I'll have something new to check out.  I hope you'll visit out and share with others if you find it helpful. 

Mary Karlee

PS In the meantime, how about a sneak peek at the Halloween post I'm working on?
Rex is a Gnome!


Michelle said...

I love the idea! I'm so glad you are putting it together so that I can reap the benefits!!

Katie said...

Following! What a great idea!