Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Dad's Dream

 My father has long wanted to grow his own pumpkins for Halloween.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, this year it happened and his bumper crop grew just enough pumpkins for his five (local) grandkids.  The kids got to pick their pumpkins from "Grandpa's Pumpkin Hill" during Mikey's b-day party. One by one they climbed the hill and chose their pumpkin proudly. We cheered as they brought the pumpkins down like trophies. Somehow the size of the pumpkins seemed to correlate with the age of the kids.

Here's the pumpkins all "jacked out" for Halloween:
Note:  Rex's Grandpa pumpkin did not last till Halloween. On day two Rex's pumpkin had several "wounds" from Rex biting into the pumpkin and also being dropped down the stairs twice.  The flesh wounds proved fatal, but Marielle saved the day and gave Rex her extra pumpkin that she got on a class field trip.

Marielle designed and did a lot of the carving with Ryan's help. Jenna told mom, "I want a ghost" and then watched while Mom got carried away and did all the work. 

Thanks Grandpa for awesome Halloween pumpkins!

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Lisa said...

That pirate cake might not have turned out, but that ghost pumpkin is awesome! You've been given more of your fair share in terms of carving skills, MK.

I would like to know from Rex--why is biting a pumpkin so appealing? Stress relief? Anger management? A delicious snack?