Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

I love surfing blogs in late October/early November because everyone posts Halloween pictures. What's cuter than kids in costume? Especially kids on top of the world because perfect stranger are handing them candy.  Awesome.

To add the blogosphere's orbit of Halloween pics,
Jenna was a ballerina mouse

Marielle was this excited when she saw me at the Halloween Parade.  How can I make this last through college?

Rex was the cutest gnome ever! I made his costume and I beamed whenever I heard, "How cute! A gnome!  Was that garden gnome that just walked by? Did you make that? He's so cute!" It was mom Halloween heaven.

Why is it impossible to get three kids to look/smile at the same time?

Marielle cut that pizza with her bare hands.  Just kidding.

Notice anything funny about that candy bowl?  We really gave Ramen away...
Our neighbor Christina actually choose Ramen.  (Was the large size a deception??)

This pic is to show off her long flowing black hair. 

I loved watching this guy run from house to house and pound on doors. 

Happy Halloween! 

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