Friday, November 9, 2012


Although one of the costs of  living in Santa Barbara is a tiny living space, that tiny living space comes with year round lovely weather that makes you want to sit outside as often as possible.  One morning last week I was soaking up some sunshine and leafing through a travel magazine as Jenna and Rex played on the lawn.  The two of them wandered around the corner and I continued to turn pages.  I stalled as long as possible, but finally I decided it was altogether too quiet and it had been altogether too long since I had heard any sign of life, so I closed my magazine and went out in search.  Here's where I found them.

Looks like Jenna was not thinking about equality when she "served up" the chips for herself and Rex.  It's good to know that these guys won't starve if I ever get abducted by aliens while Ryan's at work.

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Lisa said...

Good girl, Jenna! I, too, fully support super-sized snacks.