Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gospel Lessons

Marielle & Mom were reading our Book of Mormon Stories book the other day, looking for pictures of Jesus. While looking at this picture,

Marielle stated, "I like Jesus." After another moment of reflection she added, " I no like Santa." This year's picture doesn't quite capture our daughter's dis-like/trust of the jolly ol' elf. Nanoseconds after the flash went off, Marielle's look of confusion was replaced with earsplitting wails to match those of her visibly traumatized friend Annalee.

As with all the kids we babysit, we provided Annalee (at no extra charge) with an agonizing experience to help her realize just how good she has it with their own parents.

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Jana said...

Isn't it great when kids learn to talk and you can get a peek into what's going on in their thoughts? I would like to know what "Santa" was thinking at the moment the photo was snapped. Tell Marielle Aunt Jana and Uncle John like Jesus too.