Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Marielle drew her first face yesterday, complete with eyes, nose and mouth all on the same side of the head.
Her newfound interest in countenance is directly related to the sleeper hit of Christmas. Santa delivered this Mr. Potatohead Christmas morning, and Marielle plays with it everyday, several times a day.

At first, she was a stickler for getting all the right pieces on each family member (Mom, Dad and two babies). But lately she's gotten into making "sil" (i.e., silly) faces with multiples sets of eyes, lips and ears all in the wrong places.

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123 checkoutourfamily said...

now that's impressive. Brayden is a scribbler for sure. No signs of anything like a face.

He does like Mr. Potato head but he likes to run over him. He has this caterpillar that you pull on a string. He likes to run over Mr. Potato head and send his parts flying. I'm thinking the caterpillar is going to disappear for a while. He gets it going so fast sometimes that it's almost airborne. Gotta love boys!

Do ya'll know what you're having yet?