Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making Sense out of Dollars

Last night we went out to eat with Ryan on his way out of town for a business trip. As we were waiting for Ryan to come out of the restroom, Marielle spotted my wallet and started taking coins out. I don't mind her playing with my wallet when we are at home, but I try to discourage her from spreading my credit cards and currency on the floor when we are in public. So I took the wallet away from her and she starting crying, "I need by money! I need money!" By this time Ryan had joined us and says, "Something tells me we are going to be hearing that phrase a lot for the next 30 years. Probably with the same whine to it too."

Then this morning, Marielle found a few coins on my vanity as we were getting ready for the day. She was holding exactly six cents in her hand and she says to me proudly, "Mom, I have 50 dollars." I didn't even know she knew the number 50! What a girl!

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